Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well, Bryson's adventurous vacation has come to an end. Throughout the past ten days, he has met his grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins (also his canine cousins). The first cousin he met is a 195 lb American Mastiff named Watson. The two dogs bonded while Bryson cleaned the massive amount of drool dripping from Watson's jowls with his tongue while cuddling between his two huge front paws. The next cousin he met was Luna, a cute little black and white mutt who had almost as much energy to get out as he did. He loved her. Bryson figured that since the two cousins he had already met were super friendly and loving, the next cousin, Charlotte, a Japanese Chin, would be the same...not so much. Charlotte could best be described as "self-proclaimed royalty" and did not enjoy having Bryson in her space. Her space being a ten foot radius around her. She did not approve of sitting on the ground and preferred my aunt's lap. She made it quite clear to Bryson that he was not welcome near her and that she certainly did not want to play.

Bryson's next adventure was in Washington D.C. We stayed at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, a very classy, prestigious hotel. We had looked it up and booked it online the day before. The website said they were pet-friendly so we figured it was a good match. Upon arrival, we entered the hotel with our Labrador puppy. The hotel was magnificent. It had huge chandeliers, marble floors, beautiful paintings. Men were all dressed in suits while women all wore ball gowns or at the very least a beautiful dress. Needless to say we felt very out of place. We left Bryson in the hotel room with the television on while we went to dinner. When we came back, he was sprawled out on our king-size bed watching figure skating on t.v. It was priceless.

Bryson is slowly becoming a very cultured little canine!