Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Good Idea!

Blueprint Magazine always offers up some good interior design ideas, and their doggie art DYI project is no exception. For a fun an unexpected visual centerpiece for your room, snap a photo of your pooch against a plain background, blow-it up, frame it and voila - ultra hip art. Click here for more how-to info.
Frightening New Canine Cancer is Contagious

Scientists in England recently announced that their preliminary genetic study of Sticker's Sarcoma in canines resulted in the discovery that the tumor cells are actually clones of one another. The study contained 40 dogs from 5 continents with the disease. Researchers believe that the parent tumor cell probably arose in a domesticated Asian dog more than 1,000 years ago. The disease spread as a contagiously over time through dogs biting or licking one another but primarily through sex.

To me, this sort of transmissible cancer is just one more reason why spaying and neutering is so important. Prevent overpopulation. Prevent disease. Prevent unnecessary death.

Adoptable Dane Puppies!

We just got wind of these adorable Great Dane pups in need of adoption. If you've ever wanted a Dane and wanted to experience the goofy adorable-ness that only a Dane pup give (okay, okay I'm a little partial) then now's your chance! These sweet pups are in need of a loving homes. Contact the rescue
here for adoption info.