Friday, September 28, 2007

Click on the links below to see more adorable pup pics from these photographers...

1. Yankees Man
2. nra45acp
3. mygrain64
4. Vincents changed his...
5. Gloria Hopkins

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


New pics!

Kinda Creepy, Kinda Cool. Morphing Dogs

Why the sad music? Still pretty neat though. Click here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Check out PETA's new Animal Birth Control Campaign Video

The campaign's heart is in the right place, and brings up some good points. But PETA condemns all dog breeding, even responsible dog breeding. And they also question the long term value of what they term "warehousing" dogs in no kill shelters. What is YOUR opinion of PETA's new campaign?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 24th
Lowcountry Golden Retriever Rescue "Golfing Fore Goldens" at Snee Farm in Mt. Pleasant. Come join us for a day of golfing and fun. Lunch and dinner provided. Please call 843-571-7177 for more info. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds help pay for the medical care of the goldens.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flickr Fido

Click on the links below to view more adorable pictures of these dogs...

1) Bulldog Americano de Sagarmatha
2) forweims
3) martinjson76
4) Dana Allred
5) AnomalousNYC

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cute Puppies for Adoption

Please help to find these puppies a good, loving home! My Mom found 8 puppies. They are believed to have been lost or abandoned by a stray that has been roaming the area. They are believed to be about 6 weeks old. Four girls and Four boys. Please forward this to those in your address book who may be interested or if you are interested please call Martha Brown at 803 793 3746 Johnny Brown at 803 245 9549.
Dedicated Bird Dog

Watch one dog's hunting skills as he climbs up 40 ft. high spruce trees to help his owner with bird hunting...

Monday, September 17, 2007


We decided to take Bryson and Chelsea to their usual romp at Sunrise Park today on James Island since it was such a beautiful day out. They did their usual running, swimming, chasing routine for about an hour until it was time to go home. We had forgotten towels but conveniently brought the pickup so the dogs could ride in the back. Bryson was pro at this since he had already done it a million times. Chelsea, on the other hand had only ridden in the back while I held her to try and get her used to it. We decided to give it a go and see how the two dogs did in the back without one of the humans getting involved. They loved it. Both of them had their heads hanging out of each side of the truck letting the wind whip through their ears and under their lips. We were almost home when we looked out the rear view mirror and saw Chelsea, standing...or "surfing," if you will...on top of the pickup truck's tool box. Fortunately, she managed to stay on long enough for us to pull over and put her back in the bed. Chelsea continues to amaze, scare and entertain us every day :)

***Please note that the park is just a few blocks away through our residential area. We would never drive with the dogs in the truck bed on major roads or highways. That's just too dangerous!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Flickr Fido

Here is some awesome photos I found on capturing these pooches proudest moments.

From the top down...

1) Parnelli 97
2) Nick C. Carlson
3) Orrin
4) jobee59
5) Warren Lynn

Click on the links above to see other great photos taken by these dog lovers!

Upcoming SCoot Agility Run-thrus
SCoot Dog Agility will be offering our first run-thrus on September 22 and 23, from 10 am - 12 pm on John’s Island, SC. We will have a nested Masters and Novice Standard course each day. $3 for the first run, $2 each additional run. A separate jumpers course will be open for practice. All levels welcome!

For more information and directions visit our website at or call John at (404) 373-5730 or Lori at (843) 270-4857 or

Come out and enjoy the countryside on John’s Island, SC and practice for the upcoming fall trials! We look forward to seeing you!

Way to Go DUDES!

Sweet little pooch Shelby, a trained assistance dog, was swept of a pier and into the choppy waves of Lake Michigan. Struggling in the waves, Shelby was rescued by two surfers. Matt Smolenski says he rode a wave on his stomach to reach the dog. The 25-year-old says he grabbed its collar just as the exhausted pooch stopped dog-paddling. A Muskegon Heights police officer witnessed the rescue and says the dog rode the surfboard in to shore.

Two Beautiful Shepherds Need a Home

Duke is a beautiful male German Shepherd. He is about 4 years, sweet and loving and very trainable. He is a blank slate since he came to the John Ancrum SPCA as a stray. Duke is smart and easily trained.

Luke is a young boy with a sad face. He is a little shy and is heartworm positive. Luke is also a stray and between 1 and 2 years old.

These two boys are currently boarded at Animal Medical West, courtesy of Dr. Hentges, so we need homes for these two ASAP.

They each need a warm bed and some big hearts.
For more information, please contact Aasta at 763-0364 or

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What a fun new product

It might look like a gun from a sci-fi B-movie but this wooftastic little device is actually a dog treat delivery system. And yes, that's a fancy way of saying it fires doggie biscuits. The idea is to load up the refillable launcher with special Disco Flying Dog Treats (pack included) and fire them around in any direction or style (Clint, Samuel L., Arnie) you like. Your four-legged friend will then run, jump, catch and chase after the flying treats as fast as his little paws can carry him.
Although the Snackshotz Treat Launcher is undoubtedly entertaining for owners and onlookers, it actually encourages the human/bow wow bond and helps exercise dogs who are hip to all that stick-chucking, ball-hurling jive. You really can teach old dogs new tricks!

The treats will soar up to 12 feet, so it doesn't matter if you've got a Great Dane or a Chihuahua - Rover will still get a decent workout. He'll also get a decent snack because Discos are totally delicious (so we hear) and easy to digest. They also clean teeth and freshen breath (yes, we are still talking about your dog here).

Armed with a Snackshotz Treat Launcher, your daily dog walking routine will never be the same again. What's more, you can even fire a few Discos around the house and garden to keep Fido happy when you're trying to watch television. If only they made a Snackshotz for humans as well. Woof!

Get yours here.


Great news! Chelsea is officially house-trained. After a month and a half or so, she has finally got it. She has had all her shots and weighs almost 30 lbs. Her birthday is on Monday, she'll be turning 4 months old! How time flies...Chelsea and Bryson are doing great together and are having a blast reeking havoc in our house :) Also, Bryson is turning in to such a handsome young dog...he turned 9 months this week! Check back for more updates and pics as Chelsea grows up.

The men might be wearing skirts, but they've got some incredible dogs!

At the 36th Charleston Scottish Games and Highland Gathering on Saturday, kilted men will compete in amateur weight lifts, Border collie demonstrations and more to celebrate their Scottish heritage. Events kick off at 8:30 a.m. with more than 20 bagpipe bands, Scottish and Celtic musicians and dancers performing until 4:30 p.m. at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant. Gate admission is $15; $5 for children 6-12. Parking is $5 per car (includes program). This year’s event also will recognize the nine Charleston firefighters who died in June. In addition, the Scottish Society of Charleston will make a $1,000 donation for help purchase a thermal imaging camera that deceased firemen Brandon Thompson and Michael French were raising money to purchase. For more information, call (843) 552-2563.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fab Idea

What a good idea. A travel pet bed. Granted, it isn't suited for someone like me with a giant breed, but for those of you with the little guys this would be perfect!

Get yours here.
The Pet Care Place offers Walk-in Vaccine Clinic

Ladson, SC, 09/11/2007 – Effective immediately, The Pet Care Place Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic will offer vaccines for walk-in clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. as part of it’s mission to promote responsible pet ownership. Paige Beatty, DVM, will be on site for wellness exams at an additional fee if needed.

The Canine Vaccine package will include DA2PP/DA2PPL, Rabies and Bordetella for $25 for previously sterilized dogs and $40 for non-sterilized dogs. However, the owners of the non-sterilized dogs will receive a coupon for $15 off spaying and neutering surgery for future use at The Pet Care Place.

The Feline Vaccine package will include FVRCP and Rabies for $20 for previously sterilized cats and $30 for non-sterilized cats with a $10 off coupon given for future spaying and neutering at The Pet Care Place.

Heartworm tests for dogs will be offered at $20.

Feline Leukemia test will be offered at $20 and FELV vaccines will be available for any cats that test negative for the virus.

Any questions, please call 572-9155. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY FOR VACCINES.

MISSION STATEMENT: To instill the principles of responsible pet ownership in the community by providing sterilization services, pet care services, education programs and rescue adoption services.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Upcoming Events

September 20th
Pet Ownership Seminar for College Students. Get schooled on being a responsible pet owner while in college. The program will be held at the College of Charleston bookstore in Cougar Mall from 2-4PM.
Polar Bear and Husky Play in the Wild

Thanks so much to Dooce for posting about this incredible photo series of a wild polar bear playing with a husky. Click here to view.
photo via Sexy Beast

It Ain't Cheap - But it Smells like a Dream

Introducing Sexy Beast. A unisex blend of bergamot and vanilla-infused musk combined with natural patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils. This distinct and highly-addictive eau de parfum will keep your dog smelling fresh and clean long after the trip to the groomer. Iconic Karim Rashid bottle designed with an integrated seamless pump and a beautiful sensual soft touch finish. Low-alcohol fragrance formulated specifically for a dog's sensitive sense of smell. Hypo-Allergenic.

Beauty expert Renee Ryan created Sexy Beast fragrance and pet grooming products after adopting a lovable, but stinky white Boxer. She felt there was a need for products to keep her pooch smelling fresh from the dog spa between appointments. Why the high cost you ask? Renee believes that since she enjoys the good life, her pet should too!

Get yours

Thursday, September 06, 2007

German Shepherds Need Foster Homes

Emergency plea from the German Shepherd Dog Club of Charleston. We need two foster homes for two male Shepherds. They are sweet, but due to an overfilled shelter, these two boys need at least temporary homes ASAP.

Contact Aasta at 763-0364 or

More Pup Pillows

Thanks to Desire to Inspire I just learned about Karen Hilton's Etsy Shop where she sells these killer hand-made puppy pillows.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Chelsea is getting bigger and bigger every day but she is still a little devil. House-training has not been going so well, we are still having accidents...however, there have been noticeable improvements. Her "successes" happen most often when she sees her big brother Bryson go to the bathroom. She models exactly what he does and will go to the bathroom as well. She is also modeling other behaviors such as barking when someone comes to the door, jumping on the bed, couches and chairs, and begging for table scraps. Despite all her recently acquired bad habits, she continues to entertain and love us. She loves to cuddle more than anything else and just wants to be held. Also, she loves her big brother as you can see from the pictures. Check back next week for updates on Chelsea's house-training process :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Upcoming Events

The month of September is AKC Responsible Dog Owner Month! Celebrate with fun and free events designed to recognize the importance of responsible dog ownership. For up to date event info visit

September 8th 11:00am-3:00pm
Greyhound Pets of America meet & greet at the French Hare, 418 King Street, Downtown Charleston. Meet gorgeous greyhounds seeking homes, enjoy meeting other greyhound families, refreshments and surprises. 843.577.0451 or for info.