Monday, May 28, 2007

Canines Take a Bite Out of Cancer

This May, a cancer tissue bank in Maryland started accepting canine biopsy samples. This is adjacent to the human tissue bank. Scientists have discovered that "malignancies that occur in dogs provide vital clues to human cancer" because their cells are very similar to those of humans, genetically speaking. Humans are not only genetically similar to dogs, they also share the same environment as dogs and are exposed to many of the same things that could possibly cause cancer.

Scientists hope to open at least five more dedicated specimen-collection sites around the nation. Three of these sites have already begun collecting biopsy and blood samples as of May 1st.

To read the entire article, "Man's Best Friend Joins the Fight Against Cancer," click here.
To read more information on the canine biospecimen repository click on Canine Health Foundation.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Bryson is getting bigger every day! We just came back from another vacation in Florida. As usual, he did great on the six-hour drive. He is about 60 pounds now and does not realize how big he really is. He has been playing regularly with his girlfriend, Shine (pictured above). Well, it is almost 4PM and Bryson is sitting here waiting patiently for me to take him to the dog park! Check back next week for more updates! :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Ruff Yoga

"Doga" classes seem to be popping up in many cities in the United States. Doga is when people and pets team up to do doggie yoga. Brenda Bryan, a yoga instructor for both dogs and humans in Bellevue, Washington says that "as we get into it, the dogs all kind of calm down." In the class, the humans do poses while staying in contact with their dogs. Click here to get the full story.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Decorative Doggie Steps

Fashionable, simple, and safe, these sturdy pet steps help your pup reach his or her favorite sleeping spot whether it be a bed, sofa or chair. Made with solid wood, carpeted stairs and no-slip pads, this mini staircase is perfect for your little puppy or your arthritic old dog who still loves sleeping with you. The classy and timeless design is perfect for any home. Find this elegant dog decor at Doctors Foster and Smith.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Upcoming Events

May 19th- 11AM-3PM. Carolina Basset Hound Rescue Meet and Greet at Paws at Freshfields Village. Call 843-243-0857 for more information.

May 19th- 8AM registration. Walk begins at 9:30AM. Palmetto Animal League's Bluffton Pet Trek. A fun 2 mile walk or 5K run to benefit PAL's Animal Shelter Building Fund. Run or walk with family, friends and leashed dogs to celebrate our friendship with those furry-four-legged companions and raise money for the new animal shelter being built on donated land. Registration and Pledge forms are available online at and at designated registration sites listed on the PAL website.

May19th-9Am walk to fight Arthritis at Franke at Seaside, 1500 Franke Dr., Mt. Pleasant. Gather your friends and family and help raise funds and help raise awareness to fight the nation's leading cause for dog's and their owners. Visit for registration.

May 19th-9AM-2PM. Children's Park, Daniel Island. 3K Dog Walk in memory of Mary Beth Clarke, Lowcountry Lab Rescue board member, to benefit LLR. Lots of family-oriented activities including a pet photographer, dog agility demonstrations, jump castle, face painting, pet microchipping, pet and people vendors, food and beverages and more. The course route will start at Children's Park up River Landing Drive to Seven Farms Drive towards Family Circle Tennis Center. Participants will then cross under I-526 and circle back to Children's Park alongside the Wando River. Registration is $20 per walker and includes a t-shirt and a goodie bag. Additional dogs in the family can walk for $5. Participants can register online at

May23rd-6PM-8PM. Lowcountry Dog Magazine and Fish Restaurant "Whine" Evening, 442 King Street, Downtown. Bring your pooch out for a wonderful evening of half price wine, live music courtesy of Eddie Stonaker, and free doggie treats compliments of Three Dog Bakery. Call 843-478-0266 for more information.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Doggie Beds

If you are looking for a reliable, long-lasting, high-quality dog bed, buy one from L.L.Bean. Their beds last for your pup's entire life. My 14-year old lab has had hers since she was a puppy. She has slept on it every single night since then. Check them out

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well, Bryson's adventurous vacation has come to an end. Throughout the past ten days, he has met his grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins (also his canine cousins). The first cousin he met is a 195 lb American Mastiff named Watson. The two dogs bonded while Bryson cleaned the massive amount of drool dripping from Watson's jowls with his tongue while cuddling between his two huge front paws. The next cousin he met was Luna, a cute little black and white mutt who had almost as much energy to get out as he did. He loved her. Bryson figured that since the two cousins he had already met were super friendly and loving, the next cousin, Charlotte, a Japanese Chin, would be the same...not so much. Charlotte could best be described as "self-proclaimed royalty" and did not enjoy having Bryson in her space. Her space being a ten foot radius around her. She did not approve of sitting on the ground and preferred my aunt's lap. She made it quite clear to Bryson that he was not welcome near her and that she certainly did not want to play.

Bryson's next adventure was in Washington D.C. We stayed at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, a very classy, prestigious hotel. We had looked it up and booked it online the day before. The website said they were pet-friendly so we figured it was a good match. Upon arrival, we entered the hotel with our Labrador puppy. The hotel was magnificent. It had huge chandeliers, marble floors, beautiful paintings. Men were all dressed in suits while women all wore ball gowns or at the very least a beautiful dress. Needless to say we felt very out of place. We left Bryson in the hotel room with the television on while we went to dinner. When we came back, he was sprawled out on our king-size bed watching figure skating on t.v. It was priceless.

Bryson is slowly becoming a very cultured little canine!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mid-Century Pooch

For the Fido with the affinity for modern design with a mid-century throwback, the Wowow Pet Pod from Modern Tails fits the bill. It's custom made with a choice of snazzy wood veneers. And according to maker Verve Design, the piece is "more of a recliner than a pet bed; it's like an Eames chair for your best friend."

Friday, May 04, 2007

Watch a puppy who has adopted a duckling. It is the cutest video ever. Copy and paste into your web browser. (Can't get the link to work)

The road trip to Massachusetts went quite well. It ended up being about 17 hours which included at least five bathroom breaks for both us and Bryson. Bryson enjoyed a couple hours riding shotgun with Daddy while I slept in the back. He was quite disappointed when Mommy ruined his father-son bonding and made him sit in the back. He slept most of the way and never complained.

After arriving in Massachusetts at about eight thirty, he was extremely excited to see he would be not only sharing a house with another dog, but also would be continually spoiled by his "grandmother." He quickly realized that Mosie, my parents 14-year-old yellow lab could not and would not play with him. He spent the rest of the evening placing his toys in front of her to just throw out a polite offer.

Today we took him to a special needs school where my mother works. He went around to each classroom and let every child pet him. He was extremely gentle and loved the attention (I am looking into training him to become a therapy dog). I have heard of many dog being frightened at the first sight of a wheelchair or the scream of a child. However, today Bryson experienced both and did not seem to be phased whatsoever.

This weekend we are taking him to the beach, and visiting friends. Check back for more updates and possibly pictures!:)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Moving up to Grow More for You...Doolittle's Pet store

They haven't left us behind; in fact, 13 years later Doolittle's is still providing quality services, unique products, and a place for our community to socialize...with their best friends! Their new location, just a bump away in South Windemere Shopping Center of West Ashley, is a huge store dedicated to providing more for their clients. There is a training center, a self serve dog wash center (complete with all you need to wash and dry your pup!), Doolittle's brand toys, and a great supply of quality dog foods.
Behind the long aisle of fun gifts and needed dog supplies stands another huge aisle stocked with all-natural foods that cater to the specific needs of our much loved family members. Ric makes sure to know his distributors well enough that he can trust their product. This dedication kept Doolittle's free and clear of the recent food recalls.

Further down the length of the new location you'll find a sparkling clean dog wash station that comes with individual stations that are stocked with shampoos for your dog.

When you can finally say "been there, sniffed that," the founder Ric will ring up your purchases and even gift package it for you. They also make great gift buckets!

Not in West Ashley? Check out their other locations in Mt. Pleasant and Summerville.
"All the bitches love them," don't you?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Upcoming Events

May 5: 8:30AM-3PM. Charleston Dog Show at Marion Square is a wonderful family event for Lowcountry Dogs and their owners! In addition to friendly canine competition and canine good citizen testing, they will have a dog vendor village, silent auction, pet portrait artists' corner, microchip clinic, educational exhibits highlighting area Dog Rescue groups, gourmet lunch boxes, children's PB&J stand, canine concessions and much more! Visit for more information.

May 5th, 6th, 26th and 27th: 11AM-4PM. Palmetto Animal League Adoptions at Bluffton, SC PetSmart. Visit for more info.
Check out this video of Sugar. a two-legged dog. It's adorable!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Paw pads bring animal anxiety out in the open

Researchers in Tokyo, Japan have developed a patch that sticks to the bottom of your dog or cat's paw that monitors your pet's stress level. These patches, similar to one developed for humans, measure stress level by excessive sweat secretion. The patch changes colors depending on how sweaty (stressed) your pet is. For the complete story click here.