Monday, May 28, 2007

Canines Take a Bite Out of Cancer

This May, a cancer tissue bank in Maryland started accepting canine biopsy samples. This is adjacent to the human tissue bank. Scientists have discovered that "malignancies that occur in dogs provide vital clues to human cancer" because their cells are very similar to those of humans, genetically speaking. Humans are not only genetically similar to dogs, they also share the same environment as dogs and are exposed to many of the same things that could possibly cause cancer.

Scientists hope to open at least five more dedicated specimen-collection sites around the nation. Three of these sites have already begun collecting biopsy and blood samples as of May 1st.

To read the entire article, "Man's Best Friend Joins the Fight Against Cancer," click here.
To read more information on the canine biospecimen repository click on Canine Health Foundation.

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