Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sundays in the Park Event: A Conversation with Trainer Tommy Grammer

You are invited to join trainer Tommy Grammer and members of the German Shepherd Dog Club in Hampton Park on April 30th at 11:00 am to hear some fresh and interesting points of view about dog training.

Bring your dog and your questions and let Tommy show you how to get your dog's attention and boost his confidence. Come to Hampton Park with or without a dog; bring a chair if you find it easier to listen while sitting. Tommy will demonstrate some of his techniques with some of your dogs. You won't be disappointed! (We suggest you show up early and take a "settling" walk with your dog prior to our get together)

If you have questions about Tommy's regular training sessions please visit:

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

National Scoop the Poop Week

It's national scoop the poop week and Scoopy Doos is offering up a special donation program for new clients. Anyone that calls this week, Scoopy Doos will donate the initial cleanup fee to the customer's favorite charity. Visit or call 991-1988 for more info.

How Original!

We've never seen anything quite like this! Paint-by-numbers wallpaper by Jenny Wilkinson Design available through Hidden Art The inspiration for the print was taken from an old photo of the family dog, who would spend hours sitting in a Yukka plant pot in the garden. Hang it like conventional wallpaper and then let the numbers be your guide. Using paints, colouring pencils or felt tip pens, choose whether to color a small section, the whole thing or just leave it blank.

£35.00 per roll + international shipping and handling

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What Do You Think?

The Food and Drug Administration has determined that certain drugs can only be used safely when patients and owners are provided with critical information on the safe use of the drug. For humans, this information is provided in the form of a Medication Guide.

The veterinary equivalent is known as the Client Information Sheet. Owners of pets who have suffered adverse reactions to veterinary drugs have reported to the FDA that they were not provided Client Information Sheets by their veterinarians. For the past six years, owners have appealed to no avail to state veterinary boards to mandate that vets provide this critical information to owners.

To remedy this situation in Pennsylvania, Senators Stack, Browne, Fontana, Rafferty, Boscola, Costa and Ferlo have introduced legislation mandating that veterinarians provide clients with Client Information Sheets for the drugs that have them. It is anticipated that similar legislation will be introduced in most other states over the next few months. Detailed background on this legislation is available at:

What do you think? Would drug, or client information sheets help you make better health care decisions for your pets?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Pet Fest Pictures Now Online!

Pet Fest pictures are now online at

Viewing instructions:
Click on View Proofs at the bottom of the website.

Enter (all lowercase, unlike what is on the homepage):
userame: petfest
password: dog

Then click on the small "petfest" in white on the top of the boxes and the images will appear.

Don't forget to order your very own copy of your dog's shot placed on a Lowcountry Dog cover! Only $10 for a 5x7! Just click on 5x7 to order a print.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Guardians of the Sacred Space

Foo Dogs are ancient sacred dogs of Asia who guard Buddhist temples and defend the law. The dogs were commonly placed at business institutions, temple gates, home entrances, and estates. It was also not uncommon to see these sacred dogs guarding tombs or placed in front of government buildings to scare evil spirits. Foo Dog art is stylized in numerous ways. Sometimes they took on the appearance of lions, others look more akin to the real dogs that inspired them.

Today, A spitz-type dog is now considered to be the Chinese Foo Dog originating when European hunting dogs were cross-bred with Chow Chows nearly 3,000 years ago. Though not recognized by the AKC yet, these guys are gaining in popularity as a rare breed.

If you would like to pick up a pair of your own Foo Dog statues, check them out here. Or check out the rare breed network if you'd like more information on the real dogs.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Late Breaking Event Information

MUSC Charity Dog Wash TODAY! April 21st, 12-6 p.m.
Come bring your pup for a wash and blow out by the trained nursing professionals. Location: Palmetto Paws. Cost: $10 per dog.

The Birthday Girl

The end of April is in sight which means I need to begin thinking about Poet's birthday. I can't believe my little pup is 2 years old. She's growing up so fast! I think I'll order her a custom carrot sweet potato cake from the Good Dog Bakery, some of her favorite ham treats from Miss Scarlett's Pet Bakery and pick up a new Upcountry collar for her from Palmetto Paws. She's sure to have a howling good time come birthday time in May.
Don't Forget these Weekend Events!

Lowcountry Leader Dogs at Palmetto Paws
22 Lowcountry Leader Dogs at Palmetto Paws 11am-4pm 976 Houston Northcutt Blvd. Mt. Pleasant. Come learn about the Lowcountry's Leader Dogs for the Blind program at Palmetto Paws. Call 843-216-3995 for more info.

Animal Rescue Day at the Aquarium 22nd Animal Rescue Day at the Aquarium 11:00am - 2:00pm Liberty Park at Aquarium Wharf. Talk to representatives of local adoption groups about rescuing a pet. Learn about wildlife rehabilitation efforts meet representatives from local adoption groups. FREE! For more information, please call (843) 720-1990.

Kreature Comforts Rescue Event
Every Saturday in April Kreature Comforts Rescue Event. 11:30-2:30 Meet and greet with area rescue groups and the dogs that are in need of homes. The Shoppes at Seaside in Mt. Pleasant. Call for breed information: 388-2515

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Upcoming Charleston Dog Show Includes Microchip Clinic

The Pet Care Place will provide a microchip clinic at The Charleston Dog Show
in Marion Square on May 6th.

The Pet Care Place, an affordable spay/neuter clinic in Ladson, SC, will conduct a microchip clinic for dogs and cats at The Charleston Dog Show on Saturday, May 6 , 2005, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The $30 fee will include the implantation and registration fee for Home Again ® Pet Recovery Service microchips.

The Pet Care Place is providing this service for the first time at The Charleston Dog Show in 2006 as a direct response to the overwhelming number of pets unable to be reunited with their owners after Hurricane Katrina due to a lack of permanent identification.

Every coastal South Carolina pet owner's hurricane preparedness plan should include having his/her pet microchipped or making sure that the chip contact information is correct if the pet is already microchipped. Since the 2006 hurricane season starts June 1, this will be a convenient opportunity to have the family pet microchipped.

Rotti Mix Puppies Need A Home

Forwarded from Sara (Foster Mom) at 843 849-6149 and Pet Vet (Sponsor) 843 884-7387.

Please help find good homes for these beautiful puppies. Their mother was a Rottweiler - she was killed when they were 4 weeks old. Their father must have been a handsome rover because they are sweet, good looking puppies. Four males need homes. They are now now going on 9 weeks old---healthy, happy, loving puppies---just right for new homes now!
Please call or spread the word. (Sara)

PS - Most of the pups favor their mother. One is brown with dark "frosting" and mask.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Cocoa mulch, available at Target, Home Depot, and other home improvement and garden stores, is toxic to dogs. We humans enjoy this product for the lovely smell it gives our gardens, but the smell proves all too tempting for some dogs who attempt to eat the mulch. Cocoa mulch, manufactured by Hershey, contains a lethal ingredient called "Theobromine" that is also found in any cocoa based product such as chocolate kisses. Hershey admits the dangers on their website stating: "It is true that studies have shown that 50% of the dogs that eat Cocoa Mulch can suffer physical harm to a variety of degrees (depending on each individual dog). However, 98% of all dogs won't eat it."

After eating the substance, dogs will vomit and go into seizures that often result in death. If you use this product, please carefully observe your dog and make sure he/she does not attempt to eat the mulch. Or, if you are thinking about mulching your yard, we suggest staying away from this product.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What Do You Think?

Seems there is a sudden surge of media attention given to breed specific legislation. Breed-specific laws are designed to cut down on dog attacks and other harmful behavior by banning specific breeds or placing restrictions upon owning breeds deemed to have violent temperaments. Such restrictions can include muzzling the dog any time it is outside, requiring special owner permits, requiring that a vicious dog sign be posted on your property even if there have not been attacks, as well as a complete ban on certain breeds. Bans usually include pit bulls (a type of dog, not a breed) Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Akitas, Dobermans, Chow Chows, and a few others. These laws are usually passed after several attacks by a particular breed so that city councils can assure citizens they are doing something about public concerns.

Are these laws the best way to protect our communities?

We Always Knew Dogs Were Enlightened
Inspired by ancient Chinese motifs and imbued with feng shui symbolism, these toys by Bodhi are sure to help your pooch reach Nirvana.

SCAD Students Go Dog Crazy

Savannah College of Art and Design's online shop features incredible art, textiles, bath products, and home accessories by budding artists and each piece is available for purchase! Check out our favorite pet related items above.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Summerville Off Leash Dog Park?

A reader contacted LCD this morning asking if we had heard about the new off leash dog park planned in Summerville. No information from the city has been sent to us regarding the park. Anyone out there have additional information or is this just a rumor? Post your comments below by clicking the comments link.
Milkbone Model Contest

The annual Milkbone Model Contest is in full swing. Enter here for a chance at making you and your dog famous and a year's supply of the tasty dog treat. Entries are accepted until June 21st.
Greenies sold to Candy Maker

We dog owners have always known that Greenies are like chocolate for a human child right? Well, The New York Times announced that Mars Inc., maker of Snickers, Milky Way and M&M's candies, is buying the manufacturer of the country's best-selling dog treat. Christopher Brandt, general counsel for S&M NuTec, a North Kansas City-based company that makes Greenies dog treats, and Alice Nathanson a spokeswoman for McLean, Va.-based Mars, said Thursday that the companies had signed an agreement for the acquisition. Mars already sells Whiskas and Pedigree branded pet food. Mars, with annual sales of more than $18 billion, said pet snacks is the fastest-growing segment in the industry.

Trend Alert

A new trend in the pet industry is handmade or personalized products for your pooch. Don't cha love having something unique? Well, so does your dog! Mary Ann Murphy creates stunning one of a kind needlepoint collars that we just adore. What about a paper mache sculpture of your dog by Birchangel? Or what about this handmade dog carrier so Fifi can travel in style? And aren't Larkin Floyd's commissioned pet portraits fabulous?

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Flea Market Puppies

Berkeley Flea Market Ordinance to STOP the selling/giving away of cats, dogs, kittens, puppies is up for final reading Monday April 24th at 6 PM at the Berkeley County Adm Build on Hwy 52/Moncks Corner.

IT IS crucial WE GET AS MANY PEOPLE TO ATTEND AS POSSIBLE - NEED AT LEAST 100 or more TO SUPPORT DOC WILLIAMS SPCA , PET HELPERS & other shelters/rescue groups ON THIS ISSUE. We have worked many years to stop the selling or giving away of puppies, kittens, etc. at this Flea Market.

Berkeley Council passed an ordinance to STOP this almost two years ago, but then would not enforce it. It has come back up for consideration to KILL the ordinance after the Berkeley County Flea Market owner protested.

Jim Rozier, County Adm. called me this am and said it was IMPERATIVE we get as many people to that meeting as possible to get the council to re-approve this Ordinance and enforce it.

Almost always these animals are very sick, too young, and require large vet bills people don't want to pay , etc. The stories are many with much suffering.

If any questions, call me Pearl Sutton - 843-761-5266

Friday, April 14, 2006

Don't Forget!

Pet Helpers will be at the Citadel Mall Community Fair Sat. from 10-6

Lowcountry Animal Rescue will have a meet and greet at Palmetto Paws in Mt. P Sat. from 11-4

Kreature Comforts in the Shoppes at Seaside is hosting a rescue meet and greet as well on Sat. from 11:30 -2:30

And Paws is having their Grand Opening Celebration from 10-6 on Sat. at Freshfields Village at Kiawah & Seabrook

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

She's Done it Again

Well, she's done it again. My Poet shredded yet another stuffed toy. Why do I keep buying her these things? Each time I say never, ever again. And then I see some cute stuffed toy on the shelf begging for me to take it home. I suppose I give in because of the happiness I get from seeing Poet's sheer joy when I present her with a new stuffed toy. She carries it where ever she goes, greets visitors by proudly displaying her "baby" and trots around with it like it's a grand prize. She cuddles it, sleeps with her arms wrapped around it like a child - for about 2 weeks that is. Then she snaps and destroys the thing. Just this morning, I was greeted with a triumphant Poet standing amongst a pile of stuffing and a decapitated Scooby-Doo. Poet just stood there indifferently as I "buried" poor Scooby's limp body in the trash can.

So no more folks! No more stuffed toys. I'm going back to the old faithfuls; the toys Poet has never been able to destroy. The Orbees, the Kongs, the Cuz. I refuse to give in again. :-)

These virtually indestructible toys are available at numerous local pet stores including Dolittle's, Alpha Dog, Indigo Creek and Petsmart. Poet the Great Dane hasn't been able to destroy them so they can really take a beating.

But if you are like me and can't let go of your stuffed toy habit - try your local Goodwill. Goodwill stores are often great resources for inexpensive stuffed toys. Just make sure to choose a toy that does not have bead eyes and that isn't filled with beans.
Got Anything to Say?

We've heard that many of our readers would like to see a Letters to the Editor section in LCD. We think this is a fabulous idea, so start sending us your thoughts! Please email your letters to or mail them to:
PO Box 22
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465

What do you think?

What's your favorite place to shop for your dog that isn't a pet store? Click on "comments" below to type in your thoughts and read what others have to say.

Mt. Pleasant Boutique and LCD Supporter Gains National Press

Lucky dogs! Zinnia, is one of our favorite boutiques because they stock lovely items for the home and family along with some of the most unique pet items we've ever seen. Right now they have the most adorable beaded collar and necklace sets for you and your pooch. We've always thought they were cool, but apparently so does Lucky magazine, the magazine all about shopping! Zinnia was recently written up by Lucky editors as a top shopping pick for the Charleston area. Congrats to our friends at Zinna. Go by and check 'em out! 644 Long Point Rd., 843-388-9433

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nearly 400 local dogs participate in our Model Contest at Pet Fest!

We had an incredible turnout for our first ever cover model contest held at Pet Fest last weekend. Thank you so much for participating in this fun event. We are currently uploading all the photos to They should be available for viewing and ordering by Friday April 14th. We will then begin judging the photos and the winner will grace our June/July issue! Good luck to everyone!
Whoops! We Messed Up.

Our paws got a little careless when typing the April/May issue's print calendar. There was a typo in the Frances Willis website address. The correct address is

German Shepherd Pup Needs a Home!

We've got another German Shepherd in need of a loving home, or donations for his care until a home can be found. Gloria, founder and director of Coastal South Carolina Great Dane Rescue, found this sweet 6 month old male German Shepherd wandering along the road. He was starving and in poor health. Since being in Gloria's care he is doing much better and is nearly ready for a new home. He needs to be neutered. Please contact Gloria at if you can help in any way and check out her Great Dane rescue here.
What Do You Think?

What do you think about dogs riding in truck beds? They might look like they are having the time of their life, but aren't they also in serious danger? Should this be illegal on interstates, on all major roadways too, or are crates the answer? What should we do here in the Lowcountry to make traveling by car safer for our pets? Tell us your thoughts by posting your comments below! Not sure what to think and need more info? Read the
Humane Society's official stance here regarding both truck bed travel and the numerous companies that make truck bed harnesses for dogs.

Need to get your pooch somewhere, but don't have a safe ride for him? Give Charleston Pet Taxi a call at 843-343-9632.

The Modern Edge:

Looking for a modern dog bed to go with your clean modern decor? Then look no further than the line of beds available through Cheengoo. Cheengoo offers a line of super cool, no fuss pet beds that are sure to spice up any pad.

The Dog Bolster Bed is available in custom printed cotton textiles, and is a clean, modern approach to more traditional bolster beds. Available in four sizes to fit every pet – the bed is completely washable and comes apart for easy washing.

Cheengoo offers up part of its proceeds to Animals Asia. So your pooch can not only feel stylish while lounging in his new bed, but benevolent as well!

Black German Shepherd In Need of Home

Storm, an 11 year old 125 pound beautiful male German Shepherd is in need of a new home due to his owner's change of employment which now requires him to travel. Storm is an excellent family pet and should be an inside dog. He is afraid of thunderstorms, so he requires someone who can be home with him to keep him calm while he is frightened. Owner Clay Jacobs, who lives in Mount Pleasant, would love to introduce Storm to anyone interested in giving him a loving new home: 843-901-0001. If you would like to know more about rescuing German Shepherds or getting involved with our local German Shepherd Dog Club, please contact Sabine Hagn-Ford at

*The picture above is a sample picture only and not an actual picture of Storm.
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