Friday, April 14, 2006

She's Done it Again

Well, she's done it again. My Poet shredded yet another stuffed toy. Why do I keep buying her these things? Each time I say never, ever again. And then I see some cute stuffed toy on the shelf begging for me to take it home. I suppose I give in because of the happiness I get from seeing Poet's sheer joy when I present her with a new stuffed toy. She carries it where ever she goes, greets visitors by proudly displaying her "baby" and trots around with it like it's a grand prize. She cuddles it, sleeps with her arms wrapped around it like a child - for about 2 weeks that is. Then she snaps and destroys the thing. Just this morning, I was greeted with a triumphant Poet standing amongst a pile of stuffing and a decapitated Scooby-Doo. Poet just stood there indifferently as I "buried" poor Scooby's limp body in the trash can.

So no more folks! No more stuffed toys. I'm going back to the old faithfuls; the toys Poet has never been able to destroy. The Orbees, the Kongs, the Cuz. I refuse to give in again. :-)

These virtually indestructible toys are available at numerous local pet stores including Dolittle's, Alpha Dog, Indigo Creek and Petsmart. Poet the Great Dane hasn't been able to destroy them so they can really take a beating.

But if you are like me and can't let go of your stuffed toy habit - try your local Goodwill. Goodwill stores are often great resources for inexpensive stuffed toys. Just make sure to choose a toy that does not have bead eyes and that isn't filled with beans.

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