Friday, May 04, 2007


The road trip to Massachusetts went quite well. It ended up being about 17 hours which included at least five bathroom breaks for both us and Bryson. Bryson enjoyed a couple hours riding shotgun with Daddy while I slept in the back. He was quite disappointed when Mommy ruined his father-son bonding and made him sit in the back. He slept most of the way and never complained.

After arriving in Massachusetts at about eight thirty, he was extremely excited to see he would be not only sharing a house with another dog, but also would be continually spoiled by his "grandmother." He quickly realized that Mosie, my parents 14-year-old yellow lab could not and would not play with him. He spent the rest of the evening placing his toys in front of her to just throw out a polite offer.

Today we took him to a special needs school where my mother works. He went around to each classroom and let every child pet him. He was extremely gentle and loved the attention (I am looking into training him to become a therapy dog). I have heard of many dog being frightened at the first sight of a wheelchair or the scream of a child. However, today Bryson experienced both and did not seem to be phased whatsoever.

This weekend we are taking him to the beach, and visiting friends. Check back for more updates and possibly pictures!:)

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