Thursday, May 03, 2007

Moving up to Grow More for You...Doolittle's Pet store

They haven't left us behind; in fact, 13 years later Doolittle's is still providing quality services, unique products, and a place for our community to socialize...with their best friends! Their new location, just a bump away in South Windemere Shopping Center of West Ashley, is a huge store dedicated to providing more for their clients. There is a training center, a self serve dog wash center (complete with all you need to wash and dry your pup!), Doolittle's brand toys, and a great supply of quality dog foods.
Behind the long aisle of fun gifts and needed dog supplies stands another huge aisle stocked with all-natural foods that cater to the specific needs of our much loved family members. Ric makes sure to know his distributors well enough that he can trust their product. This dedication kept Doolittle's free and clear of the recent food recalls.

Further down the length of the new location you'll find a sparkling clean dog wash station that comes with individual stations that are stocked with shampoos for your dog.

When you can finally say "been there, sniffed that," the founder Ric will ring up your purchases and even gift package it for you. They also make great gift buckets!

Not in West Ashley? Check out their other locations in Mt. Pleasant and Summerville.
"All the bitches love them," don't you?

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