Thursday, September 13, 2007

What a fun new product

It might look like a gun from a sci-fi B-movie but this wooftastic little device is actually a dog treat delivery system. And yes, that's a fancy way of saying it fires doggie biscuits. The idea is to load up the refillable launcher with special Disco Flying Dog Treats (pack included) and fire them around in any direction or style (Clint, Samuel L., Arnie) you like. Your four-legged friend will then run, jump, catch and chase after the flying treats as fast as his little paws can carry him.
Although the Snackshotz Treat Launcher is undoubtedly entertaining for owners and onlookers, it actually encourages the human/bow wow bond and helps exercise dogs who are hip to all that stick-chucking, ball-hurling jive. You really can teach old dogs new tricks!

The treats will soar up to 12 feet, so it doesn't matter if you've got a Great Dane or a Chihuahua - Rover will still get a decent workout. He'll also get a decent snack because Discos are totally delicious (so we hear) and easy to digest. They also clean teeth and freshen breath (yes, we are still talking about your dog here).

Armed with a Snackshotz Treat Launcher, your daily dog walking routine will never be the same again. What's more, you can even fire a few Discos around the house and garden to keep Fido happy when you're trying to watch television. If only they made a Snackshotz for humans as well. Woof!

Get yours here.

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