Wednesday, October 03, 2007


On this rainy Wednesday afternoon, we came home to our two labs Bryson and Chelsea running wildly around the house. They clearly needed to let out some energy. Since letting them out in the backyard would only result in muddy dogs, a muddy house and an even muddier shower, we decided to go play tennis in the rain and bring the pups along to run around on the tennis court. Since it was raining, there was no one playing who could get annoyed by the dogs.

We (the humans) had a lot of fun playing tennis in the rain, but not nearly as much fun as Bryson and Chelsea did being "ball dogs". Just like ball girls and boys would in real tennis matches, Bryson and Chelsea sat on the side lines and waited for balls to go off the court. They would then run and retrieve the balls and then go back to their position on the side lines.

However, sometimes Bryson couldn't help himself and would run in front of a serve that had just gone over the net and intercept it. We played for about an hour in the pouring rain until both dogs lay down in puddles, exhausted from this massive game of fetch. After returning home and toweling off, the two dogs slept the remainder of the afternoon :)

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