Friday, April 27, 2007


While on the topic of Leah's blog earlier in the week (World's Largest Dog), Bryson has become HUGE! We took him to the vet's office on Monday. We figured he was maybe close to 40lbs. However, we were greatly mistaken. He is now 51 lbs! A little over 4 months old and 51 lbs. That is a big Labrador pup! We also recently changed his food to Nutro Lamb and Rice Puppy Chow. Along with containing more natural ingredients, it also has growth-control. This will help him not grow so fast and avoid joint problems that many large breeds often have. During this visit he also received his last set of shots until next year! Yay!

Later this week we took him to the beach and he went into the water all by himself for the first time! We are very proud parents.

next adventure will be a 17-hour road trip to Massachusetts to visit my parents on Wednesday. Good thing he loves car rides! Check up next Friday for updates on how he did on the drive and meeting his Auntie Mosie (a 14 year-old, one-eyed, arthritic, happy-as-can-be yellow lab)!

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