Friday, April 13, 2007

Bryson's First Pet

So it may be cliche, but we bought a bunny on Easter. His name is Bunny. We decided to introduce Bunny to Bryson, slowly. During their first meeting, Bryson was semi-rough with Bunny, nipping at him and shoving him with his nose. Each time he did this we pulled him away from the bunny telling him to be gentle. And each time he did this Bunny pretty much didn't move (I think he may have gone into shock). His second meeting, however, was much different and very successful. We put both Bunny and Bryson on the bed together. Within minutes Bunny and Bryson were cuddling. If Bryson moved away, Bunny would hop towards him to get closer. Over the past week they have become best buds. Unfortunately, my camera is out of commission and I am still trying to figure out how to download the pics from my camera phone onto my computer. Once I figure that out I will put up the pics of Bryson and Bunny, as I have several :)

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