Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paws Boutique

Located in the Freshfields Village Shopping Center at the crossroads of Kiawah and Seabrook Islands is a "truly unique boutique" offering a variety of fantastic items for pets and their owners. At Paws you can find everything from a wine bottle of all natural gravy to personalized embroidered collars.

Paws caters to the individual with the many options that you will find for designing your pet's life. You can design your own bed, buy a soft walking harness that is homemade by the store owner's mother, choose from 214 breeds on ceramic tiles with fun greetings, or commission a portrait of your pet by artist Greg Stormer who owns Paws along with his wife Denise.

Creativity, fresh color, and great style for your pet is just the beginning of what you can find at Paws. To see the rest make a visit to Denise and Greg! Also be sure to pick up a magazine to see their ad and check out Dog Deals Coupons on!

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