Monday, March 19, 2007

Give A Dog A Home

Here's two more GSDs who need good homes. See the dog info and contact details below.
I'm trying to find a home for a friendly seven year old male, pure bred
German Shepherd named Panzer. Here is the information:
He's registered with papers. He is not neutered. He weighs aprox. 95 pounds. He's always been an outdoor dog. His hips are in good condition. He's very gentle and good with children. He has had occasional seizures in the past couple if years. The vet says it's common and that there are pills available to control them but he has never had the pills.His dog house comes with him if you want it. He is FREE to a good home. Contact Iris Knapp at 678-549-9115 for more in

Doggy is truly soooo sweet, gentle, loving and playful. He's a beautiful 8 year old male, fixed, with shots and documentation of superior breeding. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes with him to see how true this is. He needs a new home because his owner died and the extended family is unable to care for him. Please contact Ms. Walton Salley at for more info.

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