Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Give a Dog a Home!
Here's info on some great dogs that need new homes due to
extenuating circumstances. If you are interested in adopting a dog, these two are worthy of your consideration! Chloe's owner had to move to a nursing home which did not allow pets. The dog is living right now with the family of one of my staff members. However, they already have a lot of other pets and the residing dog does not tolerate Chloe at all. Chloe three years old. She is very sweet and gets along well with other pets, including cats, and people (behavior with children not known). She is a black Labrador retriever with no tail. She has been spayed and is current on all of her shots.She comes with all her medical records, toys, treats, food, a bed, and leash.She likes to be inside with people and then taken for walks. All she asks for in return is love and attention :) She is a very sweet dog and deserves a loving home. If interested please get in touch with Katherine at 843-708-1418.

Phoenix is a 1 - 2 year old German Shepard. She was rescued in December and gave birth to 10 puppies on January 5. All puppies have homes, but Mom still needs a loving home to go to. She is 84 lbs, has had her shots, but is Heartworm positive. She is being Spayed on March 20. She loves people and is very playful. She also loves walks so she can smell every mailbox and sign on the way. She has had some training and can sit and laydown when told and is housebroken. She tries very hard to please her person. If interested, please contact Kathy at (843) 425-0100.

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