Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Local photojournalist Paul Zoeller did such an excellent job on the Veterinary ER article in this issue of LCD. If you haven't read the article yet, do so HERE. We had a difficult time choosing photographs to include with Paul's story. Here's a few more that we thought were fantastic, but just couldn't fit in. 

Thanks again to Paul and the staff of the North Charleston Emergency Veterinary Clinic

All photos copyright Paul Zoeller. Photos can not be reproduced without consent of LCD and the photographer.

Stella, a Labrador mix, has her tail shaved before getting stitches after getting the tip caught in a recliner.

Rachael Baczewski, on left, vet technician, and Annie Hall, student observer, fit a collar on Stella, a lab mix.

Vet technician Felicia King inserts an IV into the leg of  Holly Bell, a 15-year old Dachshund. Holly Bell was hit by a car.

Dr. Jeremy Libby examines the foot of Pinky, a Chihuahua, after he was brought in with a painful swollen paw.

The staff work tirelessly through the night.

Vet Technician Catherine Goode runs a scanner over a stray cat looking for a pet locator in hopes of finding its owners.

Vet Technician Catherine Goode checks on a patient.

Bailee, a Bichon Frise, is walked around with the aid of an extra leash as he recovers from back surgery.

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