Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Happy Ending for Vick's dogs; Many Get a Second Chance at Life

Check out the article on CNN here.


Anonymous said...

People have been fighting to outlaw these breed of dogs for years.

Now only because of a fighting incident with a not only Rich but also BLACK NFL QB, people say that these dogs are Caring friendly and make loyal pets?? Come on people make up your minds, are they friendly or vicious?? Im confused. Heck Vick was doing every one a favor. I remember a couple of years ago there was something in the news about how they were going to try and ban people from owning pittbulls as a pet because they were mean and vicious pets. I donʻt think its really about these dogs, its about RACE and Money.

powerofjuju said...

I am so disgusted by Vick's. What a callous S.O.B. No jail time could be enough and if the NFL ever allow him to play again there will seriously be no justice in the world.