Monday, February 18, 2008

Give Your Pet a Peticure

It's absolutely horrific trying to clip my Great Dane's nails. She hates the process and does her best to squirm away (and at 130 pounds of muscle she usually succeeds). Her nails are so large and thick, it's difficult to cut them. I've heard that many pet parents use a rotary tool to file their dog's nails rather than cutting them. But the large drill and loud noise scares my dog as much as the nail trimmers do.

But I saw an infomercial on a product called Peticure, a rotary tool that is housed inside a protective covering that makes it seem less ominous. I wonder if it works. Have any of you tried it?

Find out more about the Peticure

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Anonymous said...

I have heard good and bad things about the company that sells the Peticure series. Overall I would say the customer service sounds not so hot. I have tried the actual product, though, and I have to say that I absolutely love it. There is very little noise and my puppy barely seemed to notice I was doing anything to his paws at all. It's perfect for quick, once every other week sessions and the replacement parts seem to be reasonably priced. Unless you want to start taking your Great Dane to a vet/groomer at $10 or more a pop I would definitely suggest this product.