Thursday, November 01, 2007

SC Code Laws Involving Animals

Ever wanted to know where to go to learn about SC code laws specific to the professions of animal control, animal law, humane investigations, animal sheltering and public health? Then click here.

South Carolina Laws supports the positive and vital services of animal control, humane education, animal and human community disease control, animal abuse investigations and animal sheltering by providing Code Law specific to the day to day demands of these professions.

Be on-the-spot with direct information regarding what constitutes animal abuse, animal cruelty, stray animals, animals exposed to rabies, dangerous animals, abandoned animals in an 111 page field and office manual.

The $28.00 manual contains info on:
Obstruction of Justice
Perjury ~ False Reports ~ Bribes

Civil and Criminal Procedures
Felonies ~ Misdemeanors ~ Warrants

Owner Liability ~ Feral ~ Theft
Service ~ Law Enforcement

Public Health
Dead Animals ~ Rabies ~ Disease
Dangerous Animals

Animal Protection
Cruelty ~ Abandonment ~ Fighting

Animal Shelters
Impounds ~ Microchips ~ Euthanasia
Spay/Neuter ~ Volunteers

Animal Control Officers
Veterinary Technicians
Animal Ordinances
Horse Racing
Livestock at Large
Equine Liability Immunity
Farm & Research Protection
Horse Trading
Sheep-Killing Dogs
Livestock Brands

and more...

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