Monday, November 05, 2007

JASPCA Dog and Cat search

Dear JASPCA supporters,
We are on the search for two JASPCA adoptees for an upcoming campaign that will help promote the brand new facility. This campaign will appear in various media outlets, including a print ad in Lowcountry Dog Magazine!!

We need one dog and one cat for this purpose. Is yours the one? Read on.

The dog and cat would need to have been adopted from the John Ancrum
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The dog and cat would ideally look similar to the pets in the
attached pictures (for ease of photography, etc)
We would need access to your pet within the coming weeks and months
for photo and video shoots, public appearances, etc. Flexible availability would include some weekday/business hour time periods and blocks of time on a few upcoming weekends.
Your pet ideally would be people friendly, good with crowds and able
to obey simple training commands.

If you are interested and can agree to the requirements above, please
submit the following via email to
Confirm your pet was adopted from the JASPCA (name, date)

Your pet's name and picture (a few images from a few angles would be
Any of their interesting tricks or habits

Where you live

Your contact info (during business hours)

All responses are due by 5pm on Monday, November 5th.

If you know of a JASPCA candidate that would be a potential candidate, forward this email to them. Thanks for your interest and participation!

Lauren Rafferty Curler, Account Manager
Rawle Murdy Associates, Inc.
Post Office Box 1117, Charleston, SC 29402

phone (843) 577-7327, fax (843) 722-3960

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