Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday was Bryson's 6 month birthday! We decided to use this occasion as an excuse to have a party for him. This party consisted of a cupcake from Three Dog Bakery on King Street, as well as a party hat, also from Three Dog Bakery. Humans ate human cupcakes too. He thoroughly enjoyed his celebration. Now that he is 6 months we are making an appointment to have him neutered. Even though we had thought about spreading this wonderful puppies genes to make other wonderful puppies, the possible downsides to not neutering were too large. Many times, male dogs who are not neutered will wander if they smell a female in heat. The thought of losing our baby is just too much to take that risk. Anyway, now that he is 6 months old we hoped he would stop chewing things...not so much...:)

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