Friday, June 29, 2007

3 Dog Bakery

For an experience that will blow your mind (and your dog's!) take the trip to 430 King Street and meet owner Dustin Guthrie and his helpful staff at 3 Dog Bakery. Don't forget your dog either, because dogs are welcome inside to take a peek at what they might like to dine on and even sample what fits their taste! All treats are 100% natural, fresh baked, and irresistible, even to the human eye.

3 Dog Bakery is a national chain of stores inspired by the plight of an albino and blind Great Dane named Gracie. Her owners decided to cook for her special needs and turned her diet into an enjoyable place for all dogs. You can read her touching story by purchasing her book at 3 Dog Bakery. You can also find dog beds, purses for the little pups to ride in, leashes, fun 'dog people' gifts, your very own bone shaped cookie cutters, and mouth watering display cases of well priced treats.

Reaching across the US and selling over 200 products, from full diet meals to birthday collars and treats, 3 Dog Bakery has recently landed in Charleston to share the goodness with our local friends. Be sure to drop by and see the plethora of tasty options; after all I think we all know that our dogs deserve more than a little spoiling!

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