Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I just heard about artist Pawlick (a pun on Pollock, no doubt) who creates wonderful geometric mosaics with dog food. You wouldn't think that these pieces would do as much for the human senses as the canine, but they truly are lovely little works of art. His artist statement is below. Read more about Pawlick here.

With my dry dog food works, I create the unexpected from the everyday, turning the average into the extraordinary.

A creative challenge to both inspire fresh thought amongst viewers and to assist animal outreach groups brought about this unique and light-hearted medium. Faced with a limited chromatic palate, I use basic foreground geometries and substratal patterns of flow to balance and overcome the inherent limitations therein. Finding the balance in each piece in turn inspires me to accept that challenge anew with every new creation.

Tactile in nature, my mosaics present an inviting and uniform blend of organic warmth and whimsical surprise, each piece being common in construct yet divergent in design. With no other such works to inform my creations, I enjoy the challenges of finding and overcoming the boundaries of materials and scale by means of my own creative vision.

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