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First Whole-Pet Health and Wellness Web Site Launches

Search "pet health" on the
Internet and more than 16 million sites and references pop up. With somuch online clutter, it's no wonder a recent survey found three out of four pet owners would find a singular site for pet health and wellness information valuable. A new online platform that redefines how pet owners approach pet care launches today with WebVet (, the first whole-pet resource that brings together, in one trusted place, veterinarian-approved pet health and wellness information, as well as lifestyle trends and pet-centric news from leading animal health experts and award-winning reporters.

The survey, sponsored by WebVet, also revealed that pet owners visit anywhere from two to five sites or more before they find the right online pet health information, and nearly one-quarter of all pet owners feel they cannot find what they need at all. "In fact, nearly half of all pet owners told us they are skeptical of the quality of existing online pet sources," said Bill Zaccheo, chief executive officer of WebVet. "WebVet gives pet owners access to credible information that for the first time encompasses both the physical and emotional needs of their pets."

Trusted Experts In Pet Health and Pet Topics

WebVet does not diagnose health issues, dispense advice, or editorialize; rather, it is a neutral resource providing news, information and fact-based education from credible expert sources and partners. WebVet's Veterinary Advisory Council is composed of some of the most highly respected veterinarians in the industry, including Jan Trumpeter, DVM, deputy executive director, the American Animal Hospital Association, and Mike Cavanaugh, director, veterinary specialty team,
Pfizer Animal Health, among others.

WebVet works hand-in-hand with the nation's leading veterinarians to serve as a supplemental resource to help inform and educate pet owners. Unlike any other online pet resource, at least once a year all content on the site -- both medical and general interest -- is rigorously reviewed and updated by a veterinary member of WebVet's Editorial Review Board and then granted a "seal of approval" from the WebVet Veterinary Advisory Council.

"Without a doubt the veterinarian is the most trusted authority for pet owners, but the reality is that owners turn to the Internet on a daily basis for health and wellness information," said Hope Schultz, co-founder, president and chief operating officer of WebVet. "Owners are confused about where to go and whom to trust, and that's why WebVet's expert resources make it easier to be a better pet parent."

WebVet is supported by diverse partnerships with some of country's most respected pet industry organizations, such as the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), Sittercity, the Zoological Education Network, the Winn Foundation and Pfizer Animal Health. In addition, WebVet maintains a roster of dedicated, award-winning writers to research and report relevant pet news and human interest stories on an ongoing basis.

"Because WebVet offers one trusted and reliable place for pet owners to gather information about health care for pets, it is a tremendous asset to both consumers and veterinarians," said Georgette Wilson, DVM, manager, Veterinary Operations for Pfizer Animal Health. "A well-informed pet owner can be very helpful to veterinarians when making decisions regarding the best course of action for their pets' health."

Beyond Conventional Pet Care

WebVet is the first online resource for dogs, cats, birds and small pets (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and more) that provides a unique "whole pet" platform that addresses both the physical and emotional needs of pets. "We want pet owners to have the resources they need to fully embrace and engage in their pet's health and wellness as they would their own," added Schultz. "WebVet is the first resource that
truly focuses on a pet's body, mind and soul, combining one's own personal knowledge of what their pet needs with their veterinarian's knowledge relative to their physical health."

Beyond arming owners with accurate, credible medical content and health and wellness information, WebVet keeps pet lovers at the forefront of new developments relevant to their pets' daily lives. On WebVet, pet owners will find:

* Health and Wellness Education -
With a roster of 25 dedicated writers and a network of more than 80,000 veterinarians via partnerships with some of the nation's most respected animal health and industry organizations, WebVet offers the most comprehensive,credible and unbiased resource for pet health and wellness information.

* Everyday Life Features -
WebVet provides pet owners with original content and access to the latest pet-related lifestyle trends. WebVet covers everything from global developments and local pet services to inspirational human interest stories and diet and exercise routines. WebVet also dives deeply into emerging trends, such as holistic care, offering a wide array of articles ranging from alternative medicine and treatments to how to create a non-toxic living environment.

* Community -
WebVet offers a community atmosphere with places for pet owners to connect with one another through opt-in WebVet Mail newsletters, tagged content and shared commentary. Forums allow users to join support groups as well as share experiences and knowledge that is relevant to their pet's health and well-being. In addition, WebVet counseling experts provide the latest information on a cross-section of topics, including animal law, pet loss and merging families.

WebVet is dedicated to providing pet owners with everything they need to be the best pet parents possible. In response to pet owner feedback, shortly after its launch, WebVet will integrate "Pet 311," a wellness and prevention hotline providing pet owners with the most current information available regarding seasonal and other timely health topics.

"Pet owners are deeply involved in all aspects of their pets' lives," said Janice Trumpeter, DVM, deputy executive director, American Animal Hospital Association. "WebVet provides an informative and credible resource outside of the veterinarian's office that educates pet owners about raising a healthy and happy pet."

As part of its mission, WebVet is committed to giving back to animal welfare and will create programs to actively engage users to participate in a variety of fundraising initiatives that will benefit both pets and those who love and support them.

For more information about this new online resource, pet owners and lovers can visit

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