Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Colorado Woman Fined for Pink Poodle
A Boulder woman has hired an attorney to fight a $1,000 fine she was given by the city for coloring her miniature poodle pink.
Joy Douglas said she colored Cici pink to help raise awareness for breast cancer. The salon owner said she has used beet juice -- and occasionally Kool-Aid -- for four years now to "stain" her dog. Officials at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley told the Daily Camera Douglas was warned several times before she was issued the ticket on March 1. Douglas is accused of violating the city's code that says "No person shall dye or color live fowl, rabbits, or any other animals." It’s a code meant to keep people from dyeing rabbits and chicks at Easter. Read the full story here.

Do you think Douglas should be fined? Is this inhumane treatment? Or has the city and the local humane society gone too far?

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Bri said...

I am a dog groomer and have dyed many dogs and cats colors. They have non-toxic dyes out there just for pets. No way should she have been fined.