Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Dangers of Giving Dogs Away for Free

I have heard many people criticize people and different organizations for charging a "re-homing fee" for adopted dogs. I think it is important for people to know the reasons behind re-homing fees. So, if you are planning on adopting a puppy/dog during this holiday season, or any other season for that matter, please take this into consideration.

1) People value what they pay for.
-A recent study at one animal shelter yielded the startling statistic that 51% of all owner-surrendered dogs had been purchsed for less than $100; 41% of all owner-surrendered dogs had been obtained "Free to good home."

2) Free animals are taken to "blood" pit-bulls--to train fighting dogs how to kill, and to enjoy it.

3) Unspayed or unneutered pure-bred dogs given away for free may end up as "breeding stock" in a puppy mill.

4) If a person cannot afford or is not willing to pay an adoption fee for a pet, how will they be able to afford or be willing to pay the normal expenses of proper pet care?

It is recommended that if you are finding a new home for your dog you should charge at least $25 to discourage resale of pets to labs, abusive or neglectful homes, and other dangerous situations. (Some sources suggest charging no less than $100 for pure-bred dogs.)

Be sure to take the time to interview every prospective owner. Ask for vet and personnel references, and check them, then visit the new home where your pet might be living.


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