Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Long Overdue Pupdate

First off, it's Bryson's 7 month birthday!

So Bryson has been away from the Lowcountry Dog Blog for a while now. Therefore, I feel the need to do some explaining. After a wonderful vacation in Key West, which Bryson enjoyed equally as much as we did, we came home to find we no longer had a home because our ceiling collapsed. We have been living out of other people's houses for 3 weeks now. Bryson has been such a good sport. Our little puppy never even complained once and made the best out of the situation! :)

Now we have finally found a home and Bryson loves it. We have a few dogs in the neighborhood who Bryson loves playing with and our house is much bigger than our old apartment and can better accommodate our 65lb (ish) 7 month old puppy.

From now on, we will have regular pupdates once again!

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