Monday, July 31, 2006

Meet eclectic Edisto Island Pup

Dear Friends in Rescue, This darling boy is being fostered by an animal lover on Edisto who has four Golden Retrievers and a Senior Girl who has just been diagnosed with Cancer. We need a foster home,placement or a no kill Shelter who will take this boy in. Our local rescue group only has three persons and one member has 10 dogs and cats, Pat has 5 and I have 5. The age old problem of never enough fosters. IF you can help, Pat will donate $300 to your group and pay to have Eddie neutered.

Eddie is a medium-sized, retriever/lab boy and weighs 50 lbs. He has medium to long black hair (about the same length as that found on a Golden Retriever). He is a quick learner & has loves him am walks on a leash, He is energetic as someone his age should be. He is partially, if not completely, housebroken. He does not mess the area in which he is kept. He is crate trained. He loves to chase and retrieve tennis balls.

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