Friday, June 16, 2006

FlyBall Mini-Workshop Presented by The Charleston Dog Training Club

The Charleston Dog Training Club will be holding a mini-workshop on the dog sport of flyball, Saturday June 24th at Ackerman Park in West Ashley. The workshop will be conducted by Kathy Cole and Lori Duncan and we will have an opportunity to watch their dogs demonstrate flyball and then learn some basics with our dogs. Please bring lots of extra yummy treats for training and a crate for your dog to rest in. Also there is shade at the park but if anyone has pop-up canopies, please bring them along with folding chairs and plenty of water for you and your dog. Friends and guests with well mannered dogs are welcome! Because it will be hot we will have a kiddie pool for dogs to cool off in and request everyone bring an extra gallon of water to help fill the pool.

To learn more about flyball check out these web sites:

Please bring your picnic lunch and also a side dish or dessert to share.

Map to Ackerman Park can be found at:

ALSO: Don't forget the meeting at the Danny Jones Armory on June 20th at 7:30. A K-9 patrol officer from the sheriff's dept. will talk about training and use of patrol dogs. Human guests are welcome, but remember the Armory has requested not to bring dogs into the meeting rooms without their prior approval.

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