Monday, May 22, 2006


-- Despite Ominous Predictions for 2006 Hurricane Season, Poll Shows Even Responsible Pet Owners Not Prepared For an Emergency --

New York , NY – A survey conducted by the American Kennel Club ® shows that pet owners overwhelmingly consider their four-legged companions as members of the family. If forced to evacuate their homes to a location where they could not bring their pets, 62% of those polled would defy the authorities and stay with their animals.

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service is expecting “an above-average Atlantic hurricane season.” The season officially starts June 1. This week, May 21-27, is NOAA’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week.

Majority are Responsible Pet Owners
A significant majority of those surveyed are responsible, caring pet owners.
97% would take their pets with them in case of an evacuation
97% keep up with vaccinations
79% permanently identify their pets through microchipping or tattoo
62% have a family evacuation plan in case a natural disaster hits
61% have a pet evacuation plan
23% were prompted to design an emergency plan for their pet after Hurricanes Katrina/Rita
91% of owners say they have a copy of their pet’s vaccination records, 79% have their AKC registration papers, 93% have an extra leash and 89% have extra dog food—some of the basics for a pet disaster kit

Despite Love for Pets, Owners Not Ready for an Emergency
While survey respondents overwhelmingly consider their animals to be members of the family, there are some troubling indicators that many are not prepared to safely evacuate their pets if the need arises.

Of those who do not have an evacuation plan for their pet, 22% say it is because they live in a geographic location that isn’t a likely target for terrorism or is not susceptible to natural disasters or other disasters, while over half (52%) said they would like to have one but didn’t know how.

While a majority of owners have vaccination records and extra food and water on hand for their pets, three quarters (76%) do not have the items assembled in a portable pet disaster kit in the case of an immediate evacuation.

55% of respondents do not have a list of hotels that accept pets outside their area’s evacuation zone.

“The threat of a disaster, both natural and otherwise, is always present,” said AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson. “While those owners surveyed obviously love and care greatly for their pets, it’s alarming that many of them are not prepared to safely evacuate their animals at a moment’s notice. With hurricane season at our doorstep and the continued threat of terrorism, we advise that all pet owners prepare well in advance for all kinds of emergency situations and always heed the advice of authorities.”

“We are expecting an above-average hurricane season,” said Dennis Feltgen, Meteorologist and Public Affairs Officer for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service. “Prepare, prepare, prepare. We know that people who have a hurricane plan, and execute that plan, fare much better than those that do not. Many people consider their pets as members of the family, and we saw evidence of this in the Gulf region during Katrina. Some shelters may take pets, but many will not. Make sure your pet is part of your storm plan.”

Pet Owners Level of Preparedness Varies by Region

Southeast (including Gulf States)
The impact of hurricanes Katrina and Rita were apparent in the survey findings, as Southeast residents are the most prepared to safely evacuate their pets in case of an emergency, with nearly three quarters of those polled (74%) reporting that they have an evacuation plan for their pet and 29% reporting they have a pet disaster kit assembled.

Over a quarter (28%) of Southeast residents designed a pet evacuation plan because of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Over half (58%) have always had a pet emergency plan.

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